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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the audition process?

Auditions for the Special Dance Company are in April of the school year prior to participating.  Students are asked to perform a self-choreographed one-minute solo and learn a short combination.  Students can audition for Special Dance Company their freshman, sophomore or junior year.  Company Contract must be signed by student and parent in order to participate.

Where can assignments be found?

You can access most assignments by creating a parent account in Canvas. Grades will be housed in PowerSchool. Canvas is our class hub and our rehearsal, events, field trips and performances can be found in our canvas calendar. 

What are the expectations regarding grades?

Students are expected to maintain passing grades in all of their classes in order to participate in the Special Dance Company.  All company members should be exemplary and work to the best of their ability. 


How to contact Mrs. Point-Du-Jour?

The best method for students to contact Mrs. Point-Du-Jour is through or the Remind App.  Parents can email or call 973-762-5600 ext 1066 to address any questions or concerns.  

What is expected outside the classroom?

Students are required to work on choreography in groups outside of class time to meet performance and assignment deadlines.  Therefore students who do not attend rehearsals, or performances without proper notice or approval from the teacher will be dismissed from the Special Dance Company.  It is expected that all company members will represent the company with dignity and respect and are intended to model professional dance companies while taking dance education seriously. 

What is mandatory?

Tech and dress rehearsals are mandatory and are crucial to the success of upcoming performances.  Two weeks prior to the final performance in May, students are required to have open availability.  In addition, students are required to attend all rehearsals,  field trips, and special events, which parents and students will be notified of in advance. If there is a conflict, please contact Mrs. Point-Du-Jour as soon as possible. 

What is the Special Dance Company Parent Association?

We invite you to become a member of the Special Dance Parent Association (SDCPA).  Occasionally we need parent chaperones for field trips and volunteers during our performance season.  We strongly encourage all parents to volunteer for our final performance in May.  Tasks may include ticket sales and collection, concession during intermission, candy grams, etc.  Our parent liaison is Mrs. Silver and you can contact her with any questions or concerns. We would like to explore and expand our knowledge in dance we appreciate your support in helping us to do so.

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