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During the early month of October of 2019, Columbia hosted their pep rally to end off homecoming week. During the pep rally all sports teams are able to put on a show in front of the entire school. And this year, for the very first time, the Special Dance Company was asked to perform as well!

As a company alongside Mrs. Point-Du-Jour, we were all very excited to be in this first time performance.

Since this was our very first pep rally performance Mrs. Point-Du-Jour wanted to include an element of surprise to our routine. That surprise was having our wonderful teachers and our amazing Principal Dr. Morgan dancing alongside us. We all knew that this was going to bring an element of surprise to our performance. Dr. Morgan, along with most of the teachers were “excited but nervous.”

As a company we had several rehearsals during weekends and days off of school as well as having class time to learn the choreography. We also spent time to rehearse with our teachers during a period 9. Dr. Morgan expressed how “dancers are athletes” and that ‘learning choreography is just as difficult, or possibly more than being apart of a sports team’.

As we come to the day of the pep rally there is a mixture of excited nerves as this would be our first official performance as the Special Dance Company of 2020. We run onto the field with a lot of smiles, ready to put on a show for our school. The crowd cheering as soon as we come out ready to see one of their favorite dance companies take the field. As soon as the music begins we all begin to connect and bring the ‘Pep’ in pep rally. The crowd is feeling the positive energy we are putting out, showing that by clapping and shouting for us as we dance our hardest on the field. Then the teachers come out, much of the school impressed by the moves that they didn’t know their teachers had. The cheers of the crowd made the teachers feel a source of “amazing energy” that encouraged them to excel in their movement. When we had closed out the crowd gave us a great round of applause, overly pleased by our performance alongside our teachers.

Many would agree that the Special Dance Company’s first ever pep rally performance was a huge success, starting the performance season off with a bang.

- Janee Gravenhise

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