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Welcome to the Special Dance Company Blog! I am Lila Zinner, an OG Special Dance Senior, and I will be facilitating the posts along with Janee Gravenhise, a Special Dance Junior, with appearances from other members of the company.

Have you ever wondered what the road to the SD show is like? Have you ever wanted a true behind the scenes glance at on of Columbia High School’s most notorious programs?

This year we will be documenting our classes, lessons, trips, and fun with blog posts. We want to give you all the inside scoop on everything SD!

This week we established our Special Dance Families. These families consist of an experienced Senior mentor and new company member mentees. Our Mentor-Mentee programs helps new Company members see what special dance is really about. They can ask their mentors questions, confide in them, and truly learn the Special Dance way.

Seniors Jess Glass and Olivia Vandevusse organized the families, as well as a fun activity for the mentees to discover their mentors for the year.

Mentees were greeted with a present and a warm welcome from their new family. Stay tuned for updates on SD Family activities!


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