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Special Dance Company Advertisements

Due April 4, 2022

Our Special Dance Company show is almost here! Purchase your advertisement today!


We have two types of advertisements available for purchase for our Special Dance Company Show Program. Advertisements include Personal Ads and Business Ads.


Advertisements come in three different sizes:

Full Page Ads (8" high X 4.875" wide) - $175

Half Page Ads (4" high X 4.875" wide) - $100

Quarter Page Ads (4" high X 2.45" wide) - $50

Payments accepted:


*Check-made out to Columbia High School

*Payments can be given to the Special Dance Company Member no later than April 4,2022


**Special notes**

*Pictures & business cards can be uploaded via the link on our online form.*

*Files types accepted for pictures and business cards are PDF and JPG*

*Photos and artwork MUST be high resolution with a 300 DPI minimum*

*Please make sure your photo is labeled appropriately and correlates with your business or company name*


*Be sure to include the name of the Special Dance Company Member*

*Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to Mrs. Point-Du-Jour*


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